6 digit 7-segment counter "Angus 6"

February 24th 2016

This is a counter board based on the 4026 logic IC (counter / 7-segment driver)
A counter board featuring 6 20,3mm high 7-segment LED displays, and driven by 6 4026 logic ICs.
There are six ICs in total driving the 6 20.3mm 7-segment LEDs, allowing for counts of 0 to 999,999. Daisy chain them together for billions of counts!
With a 5v supply, this board can count at up to 2.5MHz, with a higher supply voltage (larger resistors required) it is capable of 8MHz.
Usage Suggestions
Need to count something? an input? or an output? Then this board is for you!
Use the square wave output from a DS1307 realtime clock (or similar) to make a clock that only shows seconds elapsed - 1 million seconds is just over 11 days. Connect two boards together and count for 11 million days (over 31000 years!). Connect three for 31 billion years :)
Check out the schematic below to build a simple 1Hz driver add-on board.
Why not drive it from a 555, for example, using the 555 astable oscillator kit.
Latest build instructions here (PDF).

1Hz driver add-on

1Hz driver demo


  • Fun to build, a great gift
  • 20.3mm 7-segment LED displays
  • 4026B counter / 7-segment driver ICs
  • Count from 0 to 999999
  • Daisy chain two devices for a million million counts!

Kit Contents

  • High quality printed circuit board (PCB)
  • 6x Kingbright 20.3mm 7-segment LED displays (datasheet)
  • 6x 4026B counter / 7-segment driver ICs (datasheet)
  • 42x 330 ohm resistors
  • 6x 16 pin DIL sockets
  • 6x 0.1uf capacitors>
  • 2x 4 pin headers, for power and control connection
  • 1x 10k resistor
  • 1x push button switch




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