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Electronic Dice/Random Number Kit "Pascal"

February 24th 2016

An electronic dice kit built around two 7-segment LED displays and a PICAXE microcontroller. The kit is available with red or high brightness blue LEDs. Click here to see a video of this kit in action.
An electronics kit for the advanced beginner or intermediate user. It should take around 45 minutes to put together. The microcontroller comes pre-programmed with 16 in-built dice modes:
  • D4 (one four-sided dice)
  • D6 (one six-sided dice)
  • D8 (one eight-sided dice)
  • D10 (one ten-sided dice)
  • D11 (one eleven-sided dice) (EuroMillions Stars)
  • D12 (one twelve-sided dice)
  • 2x D6 (will light the decimal point if two equal dice are rolled)
  • 2x D6 (shows dice one on the left digit, dice two on the right digit)
  • 3x D6 (will light the decimal point if three equal dice are rolled)
  • D20 (one twenty-sided dice)
  • 4x D6 (four six-sided dice)
  • D49 (fourty-nine-sided dice) (UK lottery)
  • D50 (fifty-sided dice) (EuroMillions)
  • D54 (fifty four-sided dice) (Spanish Lottery)
  • D100 (display will show 00 - 99)
  • D255 (display will show 00 - FF (hex))
Pressing the ROLL button will initiate a new roll. Pressing the SELECT button will allow the player to select from the pre-programmed dice options (listed above).
The selected dice mode is saved to the chip, and is retrieved even after a power off.
A simple circuit is all that is required to re-program a PICAXE microcontroller, see here for more details. The programming editor is free and is available from www.picaxe.com.
Usage Suggestions
Use the kit as is, pre-programmed as a dice, or programme it yourself with whatever you like. It could be a customised dice for your table-top or role play game, a random number generator or anything else you can think of!
Download the latest build instructions here (PDF).
Latest version of the PICAXE code for the Pascal project.


  • Fun to build, a great gift
  • A really useful tool for all types of board and table-top gaming
  • Use it to pick your UK lottery numbers
  • Use it to pick your EuroMillions lottery numbers

Powered by 3 1.5V AA batteries (battery box included) or separate 5V supply. Consumes ~58mA.

Kit Contents

  • High quality printed circuit board (PCB)
  • 1x PICAXE 08M2+ microcontroller (datasheet)
  • 2x Kingbright 7-segment LED displays (datasheet) (red or blue)
  • 2x 74HC595 shift register ICs (datasheet)
  • 15x 330 ohm resistors
  • 3x 10k ohm resistors
  • 2x 16 pin DIL sockets (for the shift register ICs)
  • 1x 8 pin DIL sockets (for the PICAXE)
  • 3x 0.1uf capacitors
  • 2x PCB mount switches
  • 2 pin connector for power
  • 1x 3xAA battery box
  • 1x 2 pin connector
  • 4x M3 18mm hex spacers
  • 4x M3 screws
  • 8x M3 washers





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