Visitor Location and Office Statistics

May 27th, 2015

Put your home/office statistics online! This project uses a simple LDR (light dependent resistor) and temperature IC to create a statistics web page that updates in real-time, showing temperature and light level..
As an additional feature, the Spark Core can also show the location (or rough location) of visitors on a world map, which can sit on your desk - see where your visitors are from in real-time!
The schematic, source code and PCB files are available from the link below.
View my statistic page here:
(not always online)
Fritzing format PCB layout file, schmatic and all source code


  • "Office" stats on your website (temperature and light level)
  • Show the location of visitors on a world map!

Parts Required

  • Spark Core
  • DS18B20 temperature IC
  • LDR (light dependant resistor)
  • 4x 74HC595 shift registers
  • 4x 16 pin DIL sockets
  • 30x 3mm LEDs (any colours you like!)
  • 30x 100 ohm resistors (assuming power is coming from the Spark Core's 3.3V supply)
  • 4.7k resistor
  • 10k resistor
  • 1x 5 pin header (for connecting power/control to the world map PCB)
  • WorldMap PCB (Fritzing file for the PCB is included)
  • Optional: Controller PCB (Fritzing file for the PCB is included)





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