January 12th, 2013


Maximum Octopus is dedicated to the art of software development. Whether it's the development of a custom application, mobile app, or providing testing/QA feedback on an in-development project - we can do it, and we can do it to a very high standard, on budget and on time.

Below you'll find a list of platforms that we can develop for, along with some examples projects.

Software and App Development

July 7th, 2013


I am able to create almost any mobile app, desktop application or web application that you could possibly imagine.

The range of applications that we can build is almost limitless. Get in touch now to discuss your requirements.

Microsoft Windows (XP / ME / Vista / 7 and 8)
We are capable of building almost any Windows application. Let us make your software dreams a reality! Specialists in C# and Delphi for any Windows development.
Wether it's a custom stock control system, a powerful management information system, or something entirely different - Maximum Octopus can do it.
Mac (OS X)
Whether it's updating your current Mac applications or building some new ones, the octopus is ready. All Mac development is done in objective-C.
iPhone / iPod touch / iPad
An internal app for your sales team? An app to give away or sell? Either way the Octopus can do it. All iPhone development is done in objective-C or C++.. Check out the games and educational sites for popular example projects.
Embedded covers everything from simple electronics prototypes to low-cost microprocessor projects, or even a custom GameBoy ROM!!. Embedded devices can be built using Arduino or Picaxe microntrollers in C or Basic and Z80/68000 compatible chips in assembler.
Web (Intranet / Extranet)
The web is where it's at and I can help you make the most of it.

Electronics Design and Prototyping

September 10th, 2013


Coming soon...